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Garage Door Opener Inspection Services - Denver, CO

A garage door is not just a piece of decoration for your home. It also acts as an entryway to your home. Along with enriching the curb appeal of your house, it also provides enhanced security to your garage and the family members of the house.

Garage door openers are made up of multiple parts, each working individually and together to keep the door moving in both directions.

Due to the constant working, they can get damaged very easily and quickly and so they are subjected to inspection on a regular basis. That is why you should always be careful with the timely and uninterrupted garage door inspection Denver for any possible problems.

So, how should you inspect your garage door? What should you be on the lookout for?


To put it simply, checking for misalignment entails finding out whether the parts have moved out of position and are thus causing problems in the movement of your garage door. Whether it is garage door opener inspection or any other way to find out the possible reason for garage door not opening.

When this happens, it will be much harder for you to open and close the garage doors because of increased resistance. Alternatively, when garage door parts are out of place, the garage doors may even fail to open or close completely. In addition, misalignment may cause parts of the door to stick out.

Some of the garage door parts that may need realignment include the photo eyes of the garage door openers and the door tracks. Pay close attention to those areas when looking for misalignment issues.

Bends or Breaks

Some parts of the garage doors become bent or broken due to the constant pressure that they are under. This is something that you need to check on a regular basis.

Some of the parts that you should inspect for bends or breaks include garage springs, door cables, door rollers, hinges, and door tracks, among others. Each of these components can present its own sets of challenges when they bend out of shape or break down.

When your garage door springs break, your door may get impossible to operate. It may remain in the position in which you found it, no matter what you do to move it. A door cable, on the other hand, may cause a malfunction during the opening or closing of the garage door. The door may stop moving beyond a certain point

When a roller is broken or is simply bent, you may experience a squeaking noise whenever you move the garage door. You will also experience more resistance when moving the garage door either way. A bent track will also give you a similar experience.

Broken parts of the garage door may also become sharp projectiles or points that can cause injuries.

Wear and Tear

Constant friction between garage door components causes wear and tear. This in turn may lead you to experience higher resistance whenever you move the garage doors. Alternatively, you may have to deal with the irritating noise whenever the door is moved.

Garage door opener inspection includes its parts like gears and sprockets for wear and tear. Worn out hinges can also cause problems. If you notice insects or moisture coming from the outside of the garage, it may be that the weather seal is worn out and needs replacing.

A garage door opener inspection in Denver may just be the starting point. With multiple components of your garage door needing inspection and repairs on a regular basis, you need the services of Denver Garage Door Specialists. Professionals are more likely to pinpoint the problem and fix it in a short time.


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